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Meditation Workshops

I provide mindfulness and meditations skills and techniques in session upon request. Try out a sample Meditation for dealing with stress by clicking on the button above.

I can provide the following 4 week sequence of classes to introduce you to the practice of mindfulness.

Just call to schedule with me individually.

1 – Turning your Attention to the Breath

2 – Understanding your own Mind's Activity

3 – Managing Strong Feelings and Thoughts

4 – Helpful Visualizations

This class will help you to:

** Slow down your breathing and get comfortable with being still

** Develop greater awareness of your mind's activity

** Teach skills in managing unwanted thoughts and feelings

Enjoy a sense of greater acceptance of the self that can bring you peace and reduce stress!

You will have the chance to sit quietly after the initial guided meditation each session, in order to get a real feeling for the benefits and challenges of meditation. It will refresh and rejuvenate your energy levels. Past participants say that after four weeks they feel better able to breathe, to center themselves, and to feel less reactive to stressful situations in life.

Please call or email to set up mindfulness sessions:


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