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“I think that the therapy sessions my daughter had with you this summer were very helpful to her. They helped to give her clarity and "ah ha" moments that reaffirmed for her how far she has come on the road to self-sufficiency and really liking herself better, resulting in treating herself better. Her smile as she received her diploma was a priceless moment for me and my husband. I write to share our joy with you as you helped to make this possible.”

Mother of a 17 year old

“You are the only therapist that I've trusted enough to reveal what I truly feel, (have) felt and experienced in my lifetime! Your style of therapy has been perfect! You allowed me to share my history with you. That's a first with therapists I've seen. Others would say 'well, that's behind you, ancient history, let's focus on tomorrow'. So, I've never told anyone (what I have told you). You are truly gifted at your profession and I'm not just saying that to please you. You have a specialness making me feel at ease and safe talking to you since day one."

A., 47

"I want to thank you for not only being consistently open-minded and non-judgmental but also for always offering a different perspective. I found your style so refreshing and always looked forward to our chats! You not only took an interest in getting to know me and in understanding my thought patterns in order to help me work through my issues/concerns in a style that I could relate to, but always offered alternative methods for me to self-reflect and work on myself. By your really listening to me you were able to help me with one thing that I can't thank you enough for, which is for helping me get out of my 'traditional thinking' mode, which then allowed me to open up and express myself and most importantly, that led to me valuing and respecting myself. And for that, I thank your from the bottom of my heart. I don't know I would have made the same progress in the same amount of time had it not been for you, and I won't forget what I learned in our sessions! Thank you Jessica!

T., 30

"I am not perfect but I just want what's best for me and my son now, and that's our sanity and happiness! You have been such a blessing to him and I, and I know we both wouldn't be this far had it not been for your help! I know what I want to do and must do from here on. With my burden lifted thanks to you seeing me, I can now focus on achieving what I want. You are truly good at what you do, and again and again thanks for helping us."

Mother of a 10 year-old

"Me acordo de las charlas (tuvimos) durante la semana. Me ayudo mucho de hablar del problema. Me ayudaste nombrar lo que es importante a mi y como puedo enfocar en esto!"

I., hombre, 28

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